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I'm still around! So far it's been a busy new year (the baby's nursery is coming nicely at least!).
My apologies to anyone who has sent me messages that I've not had time to respond back to yet.
I've been trialling alternate resins and casting materials recently, which is why I've not restocked in a while. Thankfully I think I've found a suitable alternative for the larger sculpts at least and will be casting more columns and titanic faces ready for a restock this weekend.
Why the change in casting material? I currently use polyurethane resin, which is the most popular resin for miniature casting for its durability and low viscosity but it is quite nasty to handle in it's uncured, liquid state so I've been looking for some safer and more eco-friendly alternatives.
I hope to restock the whole range in the coming weeks, as well as finally completing some overdue sculpts that have been in the pipeline since forever!

OK so I am pretty much cleared out of stock so I will be busy casting some stuff up this weekend if all goes well. This will be a mini-restock as I am waiting on more resin.

I hope everyone is enjoying the run up to the holidays!

Aside from working on my current large-ish terrain sculpt (hopefully to be completed in a few weeks), I've been looking into some studio space to continue making miniatures. I may have found some place which I can use for free nearby- hope to confirm for sure soon.
A lot of people have been asking about the Killer Insect Nests that haven't been restocked for a while- well these are currently a nightmare to cast. I'll take a look over the holidays and see if I can either cut the mould differently or resculpt the designs to be easier to cast.
Thanks to everyone who have sent me messages and sorry if I've not been able to respond to each one but it's been nice to see some of the compliments from fellow hobbyists :).

Other random news: It was a closely contested game but the wife managed to steal victory from me in our game of Settlers of Catan the other night using the two player variant rules- grrr! It was hard fought for sure. I installed some LEDs to my longboard- seeing as we are getting so little daylight here now it seemed like a neat idea! And I played FF15, which is more fun that I thought'd it'd be! Leagues better than FF13 IMHO.

Have a great festive period all!

Getting back into my sculpting groove...

Oops! It's been a while since any updates self-evidently. Work and life has been busy so not had much time to sculpt or concentrate on any arty stuff lately. Been casting and longboarding when I can- I feel that I am leaning towards freestyling over downhill etc. It's funny how a piece of laminated wood with wheels can be so fun.
In other news- I am an expectant father! So more time spent doing house chores and getting the nursery sorted (goodbye man-cave). This also means in the new year I may cease casting as resins and stuff is not conducive to a baby friendly environment (unless I find myself some outside space to work in) so get your sculpts while they are still around!

The sun is out and it has been very hot in the UK, though this will likely not last. Have been taking advantage of the good weather and started longboarding. Managed to play some Zombicide, Takenoko and Love letter recently.
Planning to get some group sessions of KD up and running and toying with the idea of a full 3D board..

It's been a weekend of surprises (thanks to the referendum) and to be honest I am disappointed and concerned to say the least. It feels like the UK is taking a step back and I apologise to all our EU neighbours. Remember many of us Brits do not share the same sentiments as the camp that "won".

Been a bit guilty of neglecting the hobby and the sculpting side of things lately! Have been busy with some real life things as well as being entrapped by Star Citizen!... As a fan of sci-fi and space ships it rocks my world...

Added a couple of extra terrain in the store. Received the second shipment for my Zombicide: Black Plague pledge this weekend. There's so much extras I'm not sure I'll actually ever use all of them! Well always good to have more plastic crack.

Adjusted the bulk discount for the dungeon tiles as I'm finding that the miscast rate is pretty high with this sculpt unfortunately.

Additions to the store has been made. I've adjusted the postage prices too.

My photography skill sucks! Plus I need lamps.

New items will be added to the store this week! (Finally) This has taken a while as I've been working on a bunch of new stuff, mostly still in the pipeline including some (war)gaming bases.
Caught up on some TV- the new season of Game of Thrones has really hit the ground running and makes a refreshing change to the "slog" of a plot from The Walking Dead (IMHO).
Also very excited about the recent boardgames that Games Workshop and the new incarnation of Warhammer Quest, good to see them going back to their roots making games.

Enjoyed my bank holiday weekend. Went to a climbing wall yesterday, which I hadn't done in a while so I was very out of shape! Thoroughly enjoyed the exercise though. One set of moulds are complete, the other is a bit fiddly so still working on it- almost there!... Need to think about upgrading to a pressure cast set up I think but not sure my place can accommodate that!
Played Settlers of Catan, I got trounced, you know those times when your numbers just aren't coming up; you keep getting robbed and your settlement growth is severely stunted at the beginning and you spend the rest of the game playing catch up [insert more excuses]. Yeah. Still had fun though (sort of) XD.

Two sculpts finished, waiting on my delivery of materials to begin casting. The monster sculpt is progressing well. Received some complimentary feedback, which is very nice :).  Played The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games with a friend, only my second time playing but had a blast. It is quite punishing but pretty fun to play and was very well designed. I normally opt for miniature games but this wasn't bad at all and my friend had built a solid dwarf deck. Played Kingdom Death: Monster a couple of weeks back (yes, I know, I should be playing it an awful lot more!), my current settlement fought the Kings Man...it was an interesting fight but the survivors' resistance was totally futile, despite a couple of them mastering Kingstep and dealing paltry damage they were all wiped out eventually. Sad times. Also have an urge to play Battlefleet Gothic again, the miniatures from that game are so awesome it's a shame I don't break them out more often. Maybe I'll try my hand at making some solo rules, I imagine the enemy fleet will run on a set of tactic cards and event conditions, with each ship or squadron possessing individual targeting/attack criteria. Hmmm.

I'm working on three sculpts at the moment, one of them being my first medium sized monster sculpt and am making good progress- just finished building up the form and am working up to the details now. In other news; I've been playing some more Kingdom Death and aced the first fight against the level 1 Butcher, (Kingspears were pretty useful!) and just got Blood Bowl 2 on the PS4, so far so good and am enjoying it a lot.

I'm back! Rested and tanned from the Thai sunshine. Business as usual now, order despatch to resume and back to sculpting more terrain.

OK, so I'm a little bit behind schedule! Been busy juggling a few things but I've got a few pieces 95% done! The challenge now is to see whether I can make the moulds before I go on vacation! I'll be away 
from 1st March- 11th March so orders taken during this time will be shipped as soon as I return. I will put a notice on the store when I'm away.

Weather is getting chilly again here in London, certainly makes cycling less fun! Got a couple of other pieces in the pipeline near finished so will make molds all at the same time. Next time I update the store in maybe a week or two there should be a few additions :).

Finished a small sculpting project, just need to perfect the mould, lots of itty bitty undercuts, which is proving challenging. Valentines day tomorrow so minimal hobby work this weekend. Made some changes to postage.

Have been busy sculpting lately, so not too long a wait for new offerings hopefully. My downfall is starting too many things at the same time. Still not decided on the website graphics but I imagine something with a fantasy horror theme.

The site is up! Lots more work to do. Products to be added shortly. Just bought myself a photography cube so hope to have some decent product shots uploaded soon. A crap-ton more drawing, sculpting and casting work to be done! And all this in addition to my day job- busy, busy, busy.

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